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Special reports

March 2023

Red Alert is a series of articles based on the views of five national security experts assembled by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. They agree that the overwhelming source of danger to Australia is from China. Peter Hartcher and Matthew Knott outline their reasoning and solutions they offer to help Australia better prepare for the possibility of war.

November 2022

The former prime minister played a central role in his own downfall. In a series of four articles, Peter Hartcher and James Massola explain how his government unravelled.

May 14-15, 2022

Secret meetings and subterfuge over many months shored up Australia’s “40-year fantasy” of a mighty nuclear marriage with the US and UK.

March 2019

In this six-part series, Peter Hartcher details how the Liberal Party's cycle of vengeance elevated Scott Morrison to the prime ministership.

November 2015

Tony Abbott had many enemies while in office, perhaps none more dangerous than himself. Peter Hartcher's five-part series traces the downfall of a Prime Minister.

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